I AM  that I AM
Speak not against the truth;
And when you lack knowledge, keep silent.
Keep your tongue from speaking falsehood;
Whoever speaks falsely will himself be maligned.
Be steadfast in your conviction,
And let your speech be true to it.
Speakers of falsehood are despised by all,
But the faithful are honored in the sight of man.
Be ruler over your speech,
And have control over your words.
Utter no falsehood,
For the habit of it leads to evil.
He who strives for truth and speaks it,
Is worthy in the sight of man.
Falsehood is common, truth is rare;
Yet truth endures while falsehood comes to an evil end
Oppression and injustice shall be destroyed,
But true dealings shall endure forever.
Do not hesitate to speak the truth when you should speak,
And do not hide your wisdom as a treasure.
Contend for the truth unto death,
And the Lord will establish your cause.
  Truth is the bridge between earth and heaven,
 The brightest jewel in the crown of virtue.
Truth is the seal of God;
He who has truth in his heart has God for his guide.

West   Gate