The    Ethical    Principals     of    the

    Most    Worshipful    United    Grand    Lodge 

   of    Ancient    Free    and   Accepted   Masons    of 

   Democratic    Republics

Our Ethics Are the Guiding Light of Mankind

Masonry teaches the unity of the human race.

We all have one Father; one God has created us.

Masonry commands: "Love thy neighbor as thyself," and declares this command of all-embracing love to be the fundamental principle of the Masonry.

Masonry therefore forbids every sort of animosity, envy, or unkindness towards any one of whatsoever race, nationality, or religion.

Masonry demands consideration for the life, health, powers, and possessions of one's neighbor.

It therefore forbids injuring a fellow man by force, or cunning, or in any other manner depriving him of his property.

Masonry commands holding a fellow man's honor as sacred as one's own.

It therefore forbids degrading him by evil reports, vexing him with ridicule or mortifying him.

Masonry commands respect for the religious convictions of others.

It therefore forbids aspersion or disrespectful treatment of the customs and symbols of other religions.

Masonry commands the practice of charity towards all, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, nursing the sick, comforting those that mourn.

It therefore forbids limiting our care to ourselves and our families, and withholding sympathy when our neighbors suffer.

Masonry commands respect for labor; each in his own sphere shall strive for the blessings of life by worthwhile creative activity.

It therefore demands the cultivation and development of all our powers and capabilities.

Masonry commands absolute truthfulness; our yea shall be yea, our nay, nay.

It therefore forbids the distortion of truth and deceit, and condemns hypocrisy.

Masonry commands walking humbly with God and in modesty among men.

It therefore forbids self-conceit, arrogance, and disparagement of the merits of others.

Masonry commands chastity and the sanctity of marriage.

It therefore forbids infidelity, license and lust.

Masonry commands the promotion of the welfare of one's fellow men.

It therefore forbids indifference to the needs of the community.

Masonry commands that its adherents shall promote the welfare of the state.

It calls upon us to sacrifice property and even life for the highest principles of justice and liberty.

Masonry commands sanctification of the name of God through righteous living.

It bids us exert ourselves to hasten the time in which men shall be united in the love of God and the love of one another.

The Past Master Should Be An Inspiration to Mankind

No matter what religious tenant a Mason follows, a Mason shall respect an adherent of another faith, man or woman, upon each, according to his deeds, will the divine spirit rest.

Every human being, not only the Mason, is beloved by God, since every man is the creature of God, made in His image.

The righteous among all nations have a share in the world to come.

Our patriarchs have taught, 'We must support the poor of all people with the poor of Masonry, visit their sick with the sick of Masonry, and give honorable burial to their dead as to the dead of Masonry, for that will lead to peace.'

The Sacred Volume of Law states, 'Justice, justice, shalt thou pursue.' Why is the word justice written twice? To teach us that we must practice justice at all times, whether it be for our profit or for our loss, and towards all men, Mason and non-Mason alike.

NOTE:  The total sum of the teachings of Masonry can best be summed up to be said to be no more that the love of one’s fellow man, all else that is written about Masonry is commentary. This  commentary, the operations and philosophy of the Craft may be found in the Bible and the Oral traditions given to Noah and Moses.  If, while studying those things, you follow the teaching of Mathew 5:17, 5:18, 5:19, and 5:20  you should understand Masonry completely.