The Most Worshipful
United Grand Lodge of
Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons of Democratic Republics

Master Masons of Blessed Memory

Whereas the  Grand Lodge resolves  to Honor The memory of our Departed Masonic Brothers for Their demonstration of Their  distinguished learning, ability, character and ever remembering that the world is based upon three guiding principles

Divine Service - Law - Charity

as imparted to the

attentive ear of

Moshe Rabbeinu

from the instructive tongue of


the Following individuals:


The Acacia


John Adams


Josiah Barlett
Phillip Belkov
John Blair
Carter Braxton


Willis V. Fentress
Benjamin Franklin


Isaac Paul Gordon


John Hancock
Fred Handel
Benjamin Harrison
Patrick Henry
Isaac Hobosky


Thomas Jefferson


Dennis Klayton


Francis Lightfoot Lee
Richard Henry Lee


James Madison
George Mason
Marion Michael Morrison


Thomas Nelson, Jr.


Thomas Payne
John Penn
Albert Pike


Theodore Roosevelt


Joseph F.  Sellew
Nathan Slavin
John Stokes


Harry S. Truman


George Washington
George Wythe

The Acacia

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