The Most Worshipful
United Grand Lodge of
Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons of Democratic Republics

Warrants of Appointment

Whereas the Grand Master resolves under the authority of the Laws of the Ancients, The Grand Lodge's articles of Incorporation and its Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia to Make

   Master Masons At Sight, for Their demonstration of Their  distinguished learning, ability, character and ever remembering that the world is based upon three guiding principles

Divine Service - Law - Charity

as imparted to the

attentive ear of

Moshe Rabbeinu

from the instructive tongue of


the Following individuals:


George F. Allen

Robert  W.  Ashbrook, J.D.

John T. Atkinson


Frank Barney

Bob Barr

Herbert H. Bateman

Willian R. Blair

Thomas J. Bliley

Frederick C. Boucher

David Brand

Edward G. Bryant

Harvey L. Bryant iii

Stephen E, Buyer

Edward Byrd


Charles T. Canady

Eric  R.  Claeys, J.D. 

William Cohen

John Conyers

James Crank

Lin Little Bear Custalow


Dan Daugherty

Thomas A. Davis

David Davies

William D. Delahunt

Robert K. Dean

Thomas D. DeLay


Mark L. Early

James W. Ely, Jr., J.D.

Richard  A.  Epstein

Walter W. Erb


J. Curtis Fruit



George W. Gekas

James Gilmore

Newton L. Gingrich

Raymond Ghosn

Gregory Giordano

Virgil H. Goode, Jr.

Robert W. Goodlatte

Tavia F. Gordon

Lindsey O. Graham


Jeremy  Hopkins, J.D.  
William Hutchinson

Henry J. Hyde


Ernest J. Istook

M. Timoth Iglesias, J.D.


Alfred M. Jacocks, Jr.

Phillip Jones


Bradley C.  Karkkainen, J.D.

Donald Bright Path Kuhns


Marvin Lake

Anthony Lewis

Reese Lukei

Jay Michael Lindsey

Thomas A. Lindsey


Bill McCollum

Clay L. Macon

Stephen G. Merrill

S.  William Moore, J.D. 

James P. Moran, Jr.


Jerrold L. Nadler


Leon Perlman

Edward A. Pease

Eduaardo  M.  Penalver

Owen Picket

Harry R. Purkey


Mark Randall

Patrick A. Randolph, Jr.

William Raspberry

James E. Rogan

Neil  L.   Rose

Brooks Morris Rowe


Robert C. Scott

Joseph  F.  Sellew

F. James Sesenbrenner

William D. Sessoms

Charles E. Schumer

Norman Sisisky

Donald Simons

Brian Smith

Randy K. Smith

Peter C. Stewart

Kenneth W. Stolle

Walter F. Sullivan


Basil Thanou

James A. Totin

Mark  Tunick, Ph.D.


Frank Wagner
Joseph T.  Waldom,  J.D.

Leo C. Wardup, Jr.

John W. Warner

Henry A. Waxman

A. W.  Weeks

Robert Wexler

Frank R. Wolf


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