The Most Worshipful United grand lodge of ancient, free and accepted masons of democratic republics

Membership by affiliation

You Must be A Master Mason to Affiliate - All others must Petition for membership

Dear Brother:

This has been written in response to your request for information about joining this Grand Lodge.

Please read it carefully, as it details the actions you need to take. It is recommended that you save this email as a file before continuing. You may need to refer to it in the future.

Please copy the first two sections into a word processor, and print them as separate pages. 10pt Courier is the recommended font for printing.

Please reply to this E-Mail, deleting all but the first section and following the directions contained in the other sections.

It should be addressed to  Grand Secretary


SECTION ONE Print and Retain for Reference

please snip and return only PART ONE

PART ONE: By email. to


1.2.Masonic Rank

1.3.The Date when you attained the above rank. DD/MM/YY

1.4.The Date when you became a Master Mason. DD/MM/YY

1.5.If you are a past master, the date when you first went in the chair

1.6.Your date of birth, DD/MM/YY

1.7.The names, numbers and Grand Lodges of all the CRAFT Lodges that you are or have been a member of :

1.7.Is you Grand Lodge in accord with The Most Worshipful United Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Democratic Republics?

1.8.Your mail address of your place of abode

E-Mail Address

1.9.Your telephone number

1.10. Your occupation, (if you are retired, say retired and quote your previous occupation)


PART TWO: By Postal to the Grand Lodge:

TO: Grand Secretary

P.O. Box 65002

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23467-5002

United States of America

Brethren to complete your application for membership of The Grand Lodge it will be your responsibility to provide the information as required in this second part of the application. No further action will be taken by the membership Secretary until these details are received.

2.1. We require a clearance certificate from each Craft Lodge that you are a member of, or have ever been a member of. Overseas Brethren may not have a form of clearance Certificate, in which case a letter from the Lodge Secretary to say you are in good standing with the Lodge will suffice, together with a copy of your current dues card.

2.2. There is joining fee of $1,000.00,and a $150.00 annual dues . Please send certified funds in dollars, International US Dollar draft or International Money order, or Dollar Bills (recorded Delivery) to the above address to be passed on to the Grand Lodge Treasurer.

This will be returned if your application is unsuccessful. All checks and drafts are to be made payable to The Most Worshipful United Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free And Accepted Masons of Democratic Republics.

2.3.If you are a Freemason from another Grand Lodge, ie. not this Grand Lodge please send a copy of your Grand Lodge certificate or any official means of proof that you are a member of a Grand Lodge legally warranted/charted by its sovereign and/or the sovereign power in which your Grand Lodge is situated.


When your application has been cleared by the Grand Secretary he will send in the post a Regular membership form for affiliation from the United Grand Lodge. This must then be filled in by you and returned to the Grand Secretary at the above address.

On our receipt of the completed form your name will be added to the list of applicants to be considered for membership at a open Lodge.


West Gate